Aviation plug connector selection and application

- Jun 21, 2019-

As the society is higher and higher to the requirement of aviation plug connector technology, the quality of connector is more and more standardized, the transmission rate of signal connector greatly increases, product body type is smaller and smaller, beautiful model is more beautiful however, the plug of waterproof connector is convenient and fast, service life is longer and longer.The maturity of these technologies illustrates the overall state of connector development.

The global aviation plug connector market still has great development potential.In 2011, the global connector production reached 62 billion and the market size reached 61.5 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 16% and 13% respectively.It can be seen that the global market has turned steady, connector market demand has significantly increased.

Asia has become the most promising connector market.According to a report, the Asian market will reach 11 billion us dollars in 2011, among which China will become the fastest growing and largest capacity market in the world for aviation plug connector. In 2012, China's connector market consumption will reach 29 billion yuan. In the future, the growth rate of China's connector market will continue to exceed the global average level.The development of application fields puts forward new requirements for connector technology: high-speed, digital and integrated signal transmission;Small size, narrow space, multi-function;Convenience and module combination of plug and pull;Low cost of products.

Aviation plug is the electromechanical element connecting electrical circuit.Therefore, the electrical parameters of aviation plug itself are the first thing to consider when choosing aviation plug.The correct selection and use of aviation plug is an important aspect to ensure circuit reliability.


Aviation plug connector selection:

Connector is the electromechanical element connecting the electrical circuit, so the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first problem to be considered when selecting the connector.Proper selection and use of electrical connector is an important aspect to ensure circuit reliability.

  1. Electrical parameters: connectors are electromechanical components connecting electrical circuits.Therefore, the electrical parameters of connector itself are the first problem to be considered when selecting connector.

2. Rated voltage and current: the same withstand voltage index of aviation plug can be used to          different highest working voltage according to different operating environment and safety requirements.To limit the rated current, in fact, limit the temperature rise inside the electrical connector to not exceed the design specification.The problem that should pay attention to when choosing is: for multi-core electric connector, rated current must be reduced to use.

3. The installation method and shape: the shape of the aviation plug terminal, user mainly from straight, curved, the diameter of wire or cable and the shell of the fixed requirements, size, weight, whether to need to connect the metal hose, etc, to choose, to use electric connector on the panel also from beautiful, modelling, color, etc to choose them.

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