Hirose connector selection method

- Oct 24, 2018-

Different brands of connectors on the market have different selection methods, and they are not changed. Most product selections are traceable. Usually we can find the model according to the series of products, or through some connector parameters, product physical pictures. The most direct and accurate method is the selection manual we call, also called the selection specification. Generally speaking, the number of the required connector can be determined by sitting in the seat.

What is the selection of other brands, I am not going to delve into it, now let me introduce you how to quickly confirm the selection method of Hirose connector models, I hope to help everyone.

method one:

It is confirmed that the Hirose connector model, the customer directly to the model, this is the most direct and simple method.

Method Two:

Determine the series of connectors to which the Hirose connector belongs, and the number of cores (pin number).

Usually, the spacing and number of cores of the Hirose connector are determined, and the series of connectors can be basically determined. If the series is known, the model can be selected according to the selection manual.

The following subdivision selection methods are as follows:

Know the number of cores and spacing, but don't know the series

The customer can provide a physical picture to confirm the series, or the model can be confirmed according to the size of the connector, or a combination of the two to determine the model.

Know the number of cores, but don't know the spacing.

Allows the customer to measure the actual spacing of the object, and then confirm the model with the picture or size of the object.

In the case of providing a physical picture, we generally have to confirm whether the connector has HRS printing. This is a prerequisite for confirmation. If there is printing, confirm the number of cores and the spacing, and then combine the above to confirm the model.

Confirm the specifications of the connector, what product is it used for? What type of connector? Then confirm according to this idea.

Method 3: If all the above methods have been tried, it is not confirmed, and the customer can send samples to the engineer for confirmation.

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