How do we choose suitable connectors in industrial production?

- Sep 19, 2017-

Between people rely on intangible feelings of interconnection, and industrial interconnection needs by reliable contact, through machinery and machinery, machinery and machinery closely connected to achieve interconnection, so the connector for the development of industry is extremely important, is more important to choose good connector.

With more and more developed science and technology, the quality of people's lives more and more is also high, TV, telephone, computer and other electronic products gradually spread to People's Daily life, so the connector also widely used.

As long as there are electronic products in the home, they will usually be used in connectors.

Industrial connectors play a unique role in power stations, especially in outdoor switchgear.

Frequently exposed to solar radiation, wind, dust, rain and ice, provide a safe connection to the control cabinet.

On a robot, you also need connectors.

Thanks to connectors, robots are easier to operate and automate.

In the production process, such as used in the CNC control of 3-5 axis machining center, boring, milling, drilling machine, multi-axis linkage CNC system is inseparable from the connector, open the USB, the TCP/IP network DNC processing and data transmission.

In fact, the lathe, plastic processing machinery, printing machine, metal processing and wood processing machinery, electric hoist, the production of semiconductor equipment, food and beverage processing and packaging machinery can use connector, power supply, signal and data connection machine.

This is a Siemens distributed drive product, and the driver on the left and the motor on the right are connected through an orange cable, which is used at both ends of the cable.

You can imagine, if you don't use the connector, use fixed cable connection, not only the distance between the two sides of the equipment was fixed to death, and if need to move or transport, two devices move together, very inconvenient.

With connectors, the two devices can be packed and shipped separately.

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