Circular push-pull self-locking connector applications

- Jun 21, 2019-

Connector in our side are widely used in every field, the electronic market, the connector is not strange, it is a fairly simple functions of the widget, but it bears the important bridge of connection in various fields, it is this humble parts, reflects the particularity of it, almost all the electronics field, more or less will use it.Next, we will summarize the main product of linconn electronics in shenzhen city, namely circular push-pull self-locking connector: 

1) medical equipment.Looking around, it is not difficult to find some medical markets in our country, such as medical devices and beauty equipment clocks that use circular push-pull self-locking connectors, both metal and plastic.The medical industry is closely related to our health, and connectors play a great role in these devices. For example, when the circuit is suddenly blocked, it is easy to cause some very serious accidents. If the connector is used, it is easy to identify the fault point of the circuit and immediately repair the circuit.At the same time, the connector also solves the complex wiring problem and facilitates the use of medical staff, which not only improves the work efficiency of medical staff, but also further improves the safety of medical equipment.


2) video equipment.In the film and television industry, the circular push-pull self-locking connector plays an important role.First of all, our circular push-pull self-locking connector has great advantages in transmitting audio video signals with fast transmission speed and low loss.Secondly, the push-pull self-locking structure here also fully reflects its advantages from other connectors.Push-pull is famous for its simple and quick plug and pull method since the lock came into being, which can effectively resist vibration and impact, and effectively prevent the breakaway from the cable caused by pulling the cable, which is absolutely safe and reliable.This is easy to plug in and out of the security performance, effectively prevent the work during the operation of the camera, is playing the projector data loss or loss.


3) testing equipment.Nondestructive testing instrument, hardness tester, vibration instrument and flow meter inside the use of the circular push-pull self-locking connector.In addition to the above three aspects, there are aerospace, instrumentation, military equipment and other industries, connector in which the value is inestimable.In the new development trend, the rise of new energy also drives the rapid development of connector industry.Analogy to new energy cars, solar street lights, wind power and so on.

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