Terminal blocks what classification

- Jan 17, 2017-

Terminal block can be divided into European-style terminal block series, pluggable terminal block, barrier terminal blocks series series series, spring terminal blocks, rail-mounted terminal blocks series, through-wall terminal block series, optically coupled type junction Terminal series.

Plug-in series terminal blocks

Consists of two parts-Plug connections, and section lines press, then plugged into another part which soldered to the PCB Board. This mechanism at the bottom, this vibration-proof design to ensure that the products of gas-tight connections and reliability of the finished product. Sockets at both ends can be fitted ear, ears is to a large extent, the protection of Assembly and prevent poor arrangement, and the sockets designed to plug right into the mother. Sockets can also be assembled or snap and lock clasp. Assembled buckle can be more firmly fixed on the PCB Board, locking button and socket lock the mother after the installation is complete. Various socket designs can be used with different parent insertion method, for example: horizontal, vertical, or slanted to the printed circuit board, you can choose different ways according to customer requirements. You can select metric wire gauge can also choose standard wire gauge, is the most popular type of Terminal on the market today.

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