Spring Pin Connector Development Direction And Industry Requirements

- Jun 09, 2017-

    With the development of electronic equipment to higher transmission speed and more compact, spring pin connector also follow this trend, so chip spring pin connector, fiber spring pin connector, IEEE1394 and USB2.0 high-speed connector, Wired broadband connectors and micro-pitch connectors for spring / pin connector products for a variety of portable / wireless devices are expected to be a future star product.Spring Pin Connector

    Experts said: Mobile-led mobile products are currently being miniaturized, thin and high-performance direction of the development, the display components and the substrate connection is more complex, in this context, the substrate on the substrate spring pin connector , FPC spring needle connector narrow spacing, low back, multi-polar demand is more urgent, especially the thinner demand for mobile phones on the machine spring pin connector ultra-low back requirements more and more urgent. In order to achieve the product of low back, narrow spacing, miniaturization, multi-polarization and high reliability, the manufacturers have adopted analog technology for in-depth research and development.

     Molex also introduced two new series of patch-type right angle FPC spring pin connectors for mobile phones, digital cameras and other small applications. According to reports, 501461 series of 0.50mm pitch FPC connector, providing a height of only 0.80mm and depth of 3.20mm shape, is said to be on the market today, all similar models in the shortest and smallest spring pin connector.

    The bottom contact connector has 4 to 8 circuit specifications, the rated current and voltage of 0.3A and 50V, can be used for 0.12mm thick FPC cable. It has a unique BackFlip fixture for easy insertion and removal of cables in tight spaces, as well as superior FPC cable clamping force.Spring Pin Connector

    On the other hand, Bluetooth technology can not completely replace the wired connection, and with the diversification of electronic products and multi-functional development, many electronic products will have both wired and wireless connection interface, so not only did not reduce the amount of connector, but increased The spring pin connector varieties, the promotion of the spring needle connector industry development.Spring Pin Connector

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