Analysis Of Connecting Device Of Spring Pin Connector

- Oct 30, 2017-

Communication is a system engineering, the performance of each component will affect the performance of the entire network, in which the communication connector belongs to the network transmission media interconnection equipment, the use of the connector performance may affect the entire communication system.Spring Pin Connector 

At present, connector products have many models and standards, electrical connectors and optical connectors. In particular, optical fiber connectors, a wide range of standards, at the same time, new technology, new technologies are emerging. Therefore the user should according to own actual situation, chooses the suitable connector.Spring Pin Connector

At the same time, network construction of the relevant technical personnel should be familiar with and understand the performance of various connectors, considering the network upgrade to high-speed network construction costs and hardware upgrades and other issues, put forward the interface requirements, and comprehensively consider the performance of connectors, price and development, the choice of connectors.Spring Pin Connector

Communication connectors as a physical layer device, at the same time, the reliability and performance of transmission system are affected, and the improvement of connector connection technology simplifies the terminal connection and maintenance service, reduces the demand for hard wire connection, makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, and reduces the cost of production and maintenance.Spring Pin Connector 

Since fiber optic connectors are also a lossy product, they are also required to be inexpensive. The effect of the fiber optic connector is to accurately dock the two ends of the fiber, so that the optical energy emitted from the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber maximally and minimize the impact on the system due to its access to the optical link, which is also the basic requirement of the fiber optic connector.Spring Pin Connector

FC-type connectors with metal threaded connection structure, insert needle body with an outside diameter of 2.5mm Precision ceramic pin, according to the shape of the pin end of the different, it is divided into spherical contact fc/pc and oblique sphere contact FC/APC two kinds of structures. FC-type connectors are the most used varieties in the world, and also the main varieties used in China.Spring Pin Connector

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