Analysis Of The Components Of The Spring Pin Connector

- Sep 05, 2017-

     The spring pin is also called the Pogo pin, thimble, contact point, elastic needles, rechargeable needles, telescopic elastic needles, probes and so on; mainly used in smart wearable, electronic consumer products, such as: mobile phones, computers, printers, GPS positioning, communications equipment, medical equipment, aviation equipment, such as smart watches, intelligent hand ring and other application-oriented products.Spring Pin Connector

     The Pogo pin Spring pin is a special connector, the basic structure has a turning needle, a turning needle and a compression spring. A needle tube is provided with an electrical connection between the needle and the butt part by holding the needle in the needle tube and by the spring providing contact force. To be assembled from the needle shaft, spring, needle, and then through the automatic riveting press after preloading to become a spring needle with elastic. Product surface will generally have a coating, the most common is gold-plated, also has nickel, tin and so on. Mainly in order to prevent products in the air oxidation, corrosion. Product life and coating thickness is also related.Spring Pin Connector

     Product structure (SHAPE): good stability, needle bottom for the flat bottom design, easy to weld with the PCB board, the needle tail with a positioning needle, and PCB board welding, will not be offset phenomenon, the positioning effect is good, the tail bending, providing designers in space for the use of more choices; double-headed double moving design, Allows engineers to have more space flexibility on board two-way links; suitable for cable end, easy to weld with line; special specifications of the products to meet the different needs of customers, at the same time according to customer demand for customization.Spring Pin Connector

    The contact piece (contacts) is the core part of the connector that completes the electrical connection function. The contact pairs are generally composed of positive contact parts and negative contact parts, and the electrical connection is completed through the insertion of the yin and yang contact parts. The positive contact is a rigid part, the shape is cylindrical (circular pin), square column (square pin) or flat (insert). Spring Pin Connector

    The positive contact parts are usually made of brass and phosphor bronze. The negative contact piece is the key part of the contact pair, which relies on the elastic structure to form a close contact with the positive contact parts when the elastic deformation occurs with the pin, and completes the connection. There are many kinds of holes in the structure, such as cylinder type (split groove, necking), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal grooving), Folding type (longitudinal grooving, 9 shape), box (square hole), and double curved wire spring jack.Spring Pin Connector

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