Characteristics Of Cable Assembly

- Sep 05, 2017-

      RF coaxial cable is used to transmit RF and microwave signal energy. It is a kind of distributing parameter circuit, its electric length is the physical length and the transmission speed function, this and the low-frequency circuit has the essential difference. RF coaxial cable is divided into half, half soft flexible cables three kinds, different applications should choose different types of cable.Cable Assembly

      Semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables are generally used in the internal interconnection of equipment; in the field of testing and measurement, flexible cable should be used, the cable is not easy to be bent easily, the outside conductor is made of aluminum tube or brass tube, its RF leakage is very small (<-120db), the signal crosstalk in the system can be neglected. The cost of semi-rigid cable is higher than that of semi flexible cable, and it is used in a variety of RF and microwave systems.Cable Assembly

     Semi-flexible cable is a substitute for semi-rigid cable, the performance of which is close to semi-rigid cable and can be molded manually. But its stability is slightly worse than semi-rigid cable, because it can be easily molded, the same also easy to deform, especially in the case of long-term use, flexible (braided) cable is a "test-level" cable. Flexible cables are expensive relative to semi-rigid and semi flexible cables because of the more factors that flexible cables have to take into account in design. Flexible cables are easy to bend multiple times and maintain performance, which is the most basic requirement for testing cables.Cable Assembly

     "Characteristic impedance" is the most commonly mentioned indicator in RF cables, connectors and RF cable assemblies. For maximum power transmission, the minimum signal reflection depends on the characteristic impedance of the cable and the matching of other parts in the system. If the impedance exactly matches, the loss of the cable is only the attenuation of the transmission line, and there is no reflection loss. The characteristic impedance (Zo) of the cable is related to the size of the internal and external conductors.Cable Assembly

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