Coax Connector

- Aug 28, 2017-

             The coaxial cable is designed to solve this problem. The radio emitted by the center wire is isolated by the reticular conductive layer, and the reticular conductive layer can control the emitted radio by grounding. There is also a problem with coaxial cable, that is, if a certain section of cable has a large extrusion or distortion, then the distance between the center wire and the reticular conductive layer is not consistent, which causes the internal radio waves to be reflected back to the signal sending source. This effect reduces the signal power that can be received. To overcome this problem, a layer of plastic insulation is added between the center wire and the reticular conductive layer to ensure that the distance between them is consistent. This also caused the cable to be relatively stiff and not easy to bend the characteristics.Coax Connector

             The main applications are as follows: Device bracket connection, CCTV (CCTV), common antenna system (MATV) and transfer of color or monochrome RF monitor. These applications do not need to choose a precise video coaxial cable with particularly stringent electrical tolerances. The characteristic resistance of the video coaxial cable is 75 ohms, and this value is not optional. Physics has proved that the attenuation characteristics of video signal optimization occur at 77 ohms. In low power applications, the optimum impedance of the cable is 75 ohms.Coax Connector

             Standard video coaxial cable has both a solid conductor and a multiple-strand conductor design. It is recommended to use multiple conductor designs in applications where some cables are bent, such as the internal connection between the CCTV camera and the pallet and bracket device, or the transmission cable of the remote camera. Also includes monitoring equipment.Coax Connector

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