Connection Mode Of Spring Pin Connector

- Sep 14, 2017-

     In the optical fiber communication (transmission) Link, in order to achieve different modules. The need for flexible connections between devices and systems, it is necessary to have a removable (active) connection between the optical fiber and the optical fiber, so that the optical path can be transmitted according to the desired channel to achieve and fulfill the predetermined or desired purpose and requirements, and the device that can realize this function is called a connector.Spring Pin Connector

     Fiber optic connector is the optical fiber of the two-terminal precision docking, so that the optical energy emitted by the transmission fiber to maximize coupling to the receiving fiber, and because of its interference in the optical link to minimize the impact on the system, this is the basic requirements of optical fiber connectors. To some extent, optical fiber connectors also affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.Spring Pin Connector

    Fixed connection. It is mainly used for the permanent connection between optical fiber in optical cable line, welding and bonding and mechanical connection. The characteristic is the joint loss is small, the mechanical strength is high. Equipment needs welding machine, about tens of thousands of RMB.Spring Pin Connector

     The active connection. Mainly used in optical fiber and transmission system equipment and the connection between the instrument, mainly through the optical connection plug to connect. The characteristic is that the joint is flexible, the replacement connection point is convenient, the loss and the reflection are larger are the insufficiency of this connection way. Now the insertion loss is also very good, dozens of RMB can be, can buy the finished product directly, if you want to spare parts, but also need to finish polishing equipment, that is too expensive, the proposal to buy jumpers directly.Spring Pin Connector

    Fixed connection requirements Optical fiber fixed connection is a key technology in optical cable line. The requirements for a fixed connection are as follows: The connection loss is small, the consistency is good, the connection loss stability is better, there should be no additional loss in the general temperature range, with sufficient mechanical strength and service life, the operation should be as simple as possible, easy to work, the joint volume is small, easy to place and protect, the cost is low, the material Spring Pin Connector

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