- Jan 17, 2017-

Connectors, CONNECTOR. Also referred to as connectors, plugs and Sockets. Generally refers to electrical connectors. Connecting two devices devices, transmission of electric current or signals. Connector's brands include jianaimei, niucuike, Toshiba, Molex, etc.

Connector is a part of our electronic engineers in regular contact. It's very simple: in the circuit is blocked or does not make sense in isolation between circuits, build a bridge for communication, so that the current is flowing, circuit implementation of predefined functions. Connectors are indispensable components in electronic equipment, observation along the current path, you will always find one or more connectors. Connection form and structure is changing, with different application options object, frequency, power, and application environment, there are different forms of connectors. For example, the light connector on the pitch and the hard drive connector, and fire the rockets connectors are not the same. But no matter what kind of connector, to keep the smooth continuous and reliable flow. Refers to the connector which is not limited to current, in the rapid development of photoelectron technology, fiber optic systems, signal is the carrier of light, glass and plastic instead of circuit conductors, but the connectors are also used in optical signaling pathway, their functions and circuit connectors are the same.

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