Connector Product Categories

- Jan 17, 2017-

Classification of connectors although a little confusing, but from a technical point of view, the only two basic types of connector products category

Solution: ① according to the structure: circular and rectangular (cross section), II according to the operating frequency: low-frequency and high-frequency (3MHz).

According to the above classification, coaxial connectors are circular, printed circuit connectors are rectangular (from the perspective of history, printed circuit connectors are separated out from the rectangular connector of sui generis), which is currently popular rectangular connectors, its cross-section is trapezoidal, similar to the rectangle. 3MHz divided-frequency and high-frequency and radio frequency allocation is basically the same.

As for the other usage, installation, special structures, special performance can also be divided into a number of different types, and often appear in publications and in the manufacturer's promotional materials, but merely to highlight a character and purpose, basic classification still does not exceed the above principle.

Taking into account the situation and technical development of the connector from its versatility and related technical standards, connectors can be divided into the following categories (categories): ① low frequency circular connectors II rectangular connectors; third printed circuit connectors ④ RF connectors ⑤ fiber optic connectors.

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