Connectors Category Definitions

- Jan 17, 2017-

Level of interconnection

According to electronic devices inside and outside the connection function, interconnection (interconnection) can be divided into five levels.

① package of internal connections

② PIN IC package and PCB connections. Typical connector, IC Sockets.

③ printed circuits and wires or PCB connections. Typical connector for printed circuit connectors.

④ backplane and backplane connections. Typical connector Cabinet connector.

⑤ connections between the devices and equipment. Typical products of circular connectors.

③ and ④ levels there is some overlap. In five levels in the connector market ③ and ⑤ is of the highest levels of product, and is currently the fastest-growing are the third-level products.

Connector specifications

In accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) categories, connectors, electromechanical components for electronic equipment, its specifications:

Categories (family): connector

Categories (sub-family) example: circular connectors

Type (type) case: YB-circular connectors

Variety (style) example: YB3470

Specifications (Variant)

Connector in the definition of our country

In industry management in China, collectively referred to as connectors and switches, keyboards and other interconnecting devices and interconnecting devices and relays and collectively as electromechanical components.

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