Cost Competition For Cable Assembly

- Oct 11, 2017-

The development of active cable is consistent with the value of FCI's high-speed I / O. The addition of this AOC component gives FCI the ability to provide a complete and fully qualified mini SAS HD product line with both internal and external board end connectors that meet all industry standard configuration requirements and a corresponding internal and external adapter cable assembly , And these cable assemblies may be cable or copper.Cable Assembly The full range of electronics products consists of mature traditional products and innovative design products, including backplane connectors, board systems, active fiber optic cables, transceivers, fiber optic adapters, high-speed connectors, I / O connectors, mezzanine connectors , PCB termination modules, flexible connectors, power solutions, memory interfaces, and custom cable assemblies.Cable Assembly Cable companies to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, accept a variety of measures, many aspects of lower costs. But after many efforts to reduce costs after the discovery of benefits sometimes not only did not rise but lower and lower. The reason for the emergence of such phenomena, the main reason is the decline in cost management only focus on "cost thrifty", just try to control expenditure, and not the cost control with the enterprise growth strategy linked.Cable Assembly Therefore, in order to achieve the continuation of the competitive advantage, we must rely on their own merits and external competition situation, the development of a lasting strategic plan, the cost of management should also be the introduction of strategic costs managed by the way, a reasonable set of capital, The usefulness of the trick. In the market competition is fierce, the industry profits to a low today, Dongfeng Cable Company also agreed to the importance of strategic cost management work, is now the cost of the existing problems in the analysis.Cable Assembly

Cable company cost management is still the purpose of falling costs, emphasizing the control. However, from the point of view of modern cost management, the cost reduction is conditional and limited, and in some cases the cost of control may lead to a decline in product quality and business efficiency, and such costs are a negative cost The In the rapid growth of science and technology and information today, companies simply rely on the decline in cost to get advantage is not successful.Cable Assembly

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