Disassembly Of Screw Connector

- Oct 11, 2017-

Ordinary bolt connection, the connector is not too thick, the screw with a nail head, through the hole without a screw, screw through the hole with the nut with the use of the assembly hole and the gap between the rod, and in the work not allowed to disappear, simple structure , Easy to install, can be a number of assembly and disassembly, wider application. Precision bolt connection - no gap after assembly, mainly to bear the lateral load, but also for positioning, the use of base hole with hinge hole bolt connection (H7 / m6, H7 / n6).Screw Connector

The studs are screwed at both ends, but they are screwed at the ends of the screw, and the other end is fitted with a nut at the end of the assembly. It is suitable for permanent removal and is thicker by one of the connectors. Remove the nuts without twisting the studs from the coupling.Screw Connector Screw connection, suitable for one of the joints are thicker (with threaded holes), without frequent assembly and disassembly, one end of the screw head, no nuts, suitable for loading a small case (manual without hex head screws, L0 = L), tighten the screw connection, screw in, use the end of the rod to withstand the other parts of the surface or screw into the corresponding parts of the gap to fix the relative position of the parts can pass little axial force or torque.Screw Connector

Anti-loose purpose: the actual work, the external load vibration, there is change, the material will change the temperature will cause friction to reduce the thread in the positive pressure disappeared at a moment, the friction is zero, so that the thread connection loosening, such as by Repeated, threaded connection will be loose and failure.Therefore, must be anti-loose, otherwise it will affect the normal work, resulting in accidents.Screw Connector Friction loose, double nuts, spring washers, nylon washers, self-locking nuts and so on. Nylon washers, in addition to anti-loose but also from the sealing effect. Nuts at one end made of non-circular mouth or open the peak after the mouth of the mouth, the nut tightened after the mouth closed up, the use of the closure of the elastic force to screw between the screw. Mechanical anti-loose: slotted nut and cotter pin, round nut and stop washers, spring washers, shaft with wings, gaskets, and so on.Screw Connector

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