How Can Customer Service Cultivate Quality Service?

- Oct 24, 2018-

A grain of rice raises hundreds of people. In the ever-changing modern society, we will encounter a variety of discerning customers, or be harassed by customers, or the services are not in place, or they are dissatisfied. Since then, there has been no more. These are not the situations we are willing to see and achieve, so what can we do to avoid the above situation? In other words, how can our customer service develop a quality service? Here are my personal experiences and practices, I hope to bring you inspiration!

Before the opening, we need to know clearly why the customer does not place an order and can't talk. The reasons for the summary are as follows:

1. High price

2. Speaking tone, words

3. Delivery period

4. Out of stock

5. Service attitude, mentality

First, for high-priced customers, we must seize the point he cares about. If there is no target price or price comparison, of course, we can serve customers like this on the basis of price space. If there is no space, our price is reasonable. Even if the price is still good, we can directly reject the customer and cannot do it. Some customers have such a mentality, inquiry everywhere, but never see a single, for such customers, most of the situation is ignored. But for the materials we have the advantage, we may take the initiative to contact the customer, ask them the real needs and reasons, leave a good impression, and reserve reserves.

Second, speech is very important. We can take advantage of the scarcity of goods, only this one, no semicolon, or out of stock to break the customer's luck. When serving customers, the tone should be euphemistic and clear. Take advantage of the aging, the same day delivery, let customers receive the goods earlier and so on. Words should be chosen for different issues, and I will only give examples here.

Third, the spot delivery will be fast, like our HRS connector spot, the same day delivery on the same day, the original authentic supply, set the futures, the original standard delivery period is 8-10 weeks. We need to understand when the customer wants to deliver the delivery time, and we can take advantage of the customer's needs.

The fourth kind of out-of-stock situation is what we don't want to happen, because if we start all the services at the beginning, and the customers want the goods, there is no time, we are really helpless. What we can do is to see if we can help with the transfer, or let the customer wait for the delivery. As long as we patiently explain the situation and problems with our customers, most of our customers are considerate.

Fifth, regarding the service attitude, each customer who enters the door is our gold owner. Our salesman or customer service exists to solve the customer's problem. Therefore, when serving the customer, the mentality must be correct, carefully ask and solve the customer. The pain point. We can't change our attitude because of the bad attitude of our customers. Although the attitude of our customers will affect us to a certain extent, we should always be consistent and keep our minds.

It is difficult to adjust the public. As long as we can reach a good point with our customers, we can form a good cooperative relationship with our customers. I hope everyone likes my sharing. Friends who have different opinions can leave a message and discuss it together. Thank you!

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