Improvement And Development Of Waterproof D-sub Connector

- Sep 05, 2017-

      How far can an ordinary D connector evolve? Over the past more than 30 years, D connectors have been almost unchanged, and now a revolution is on the rise! This article will detail how ERNI can improve the performance of traditional d connectors with a new design concept and the originality of these new D connectors.Waterproof D-sub Connector

     The input/output application does not lack a new interconnect solution, which has been introduced over the years with USB, FireWire (Firewire), modular sockets, InfiniBand, High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and many other solutions. The D connector is one of the earliest solutions, and is the most versatile and widely used input/output connector system. The shell of the rectangle is coupled with a D-shaped polar docking surface, the concept of which was developed more than 40 years ago from military connectors, and is then widely used in a range of commercial and military serial communications, telecommunications and local area networks (d).Waterproof D-sub Connector

     As the main standard for D connectors, Mil-c 24308 defines the size, structure, material, and performance of the connectors to ensure 100% of each other's docking reliability. This standard also designates D as a rectangular connector with a frequency below 3 MHz, a circular terminal with a trapezoidal structure and a diameter of 1 mm, and a crimping/milling, welding, or Crimping method at the end.Waterproof D-sub Connector

     The D connector series has different types of pin numbers. The 25-pin D connector is defined by EIA RS-232 for Low-speed serial communication between data communication devices and is often referred to as a RS-232 connector. The 9-pin and 37-pin D connectors are defined by the EIA RS-449 standard for high-speed data transmission applications. IEEE 802.3 defines a network of 15-pin D connectors for the bus structure, such as the Ethernet interface between the workstation and the LAN transceiver.Waterproof D-sub Connector

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