Introduction And Application Of Screw Connector

- Jun 20, 2017-

   A threaded connection structure of an electrical connector consisting of a housing, a nut and a tailge, and a gap between the screw and the tail, which is divided into left and right parts along the axis. The inner surface of the shell is provided with an internal thread connected with the screw sleeve, the outer surface of the screw sleeve is provided with an external thread, the inner surface of the inner surface Which is provided with an inner annular groove connected with the tail cover. The thread connecting structure ensures that the connection between the shell and the tail cover is secure, and the relative rotation between the shell and the tail cover is realized. Of the alignment.Screw Connector

    SMA is widely used in aviation, radar, microwave communications, digital communications and other military people its impedance of 50Ω, with a soft cable frequency of less than 12.4GHz, semi-rigid cable up to 26.5GHz. Used in the detection, inflation, sealing, calibration or venting, and so the connection part. With your fingers tightly put the MIT connector into the threaded test piece until the sealing surface contact thread electrical connector is widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment and so on. The product is characterized by: connection of reliable thread connection miniaturization - compact structure CNT14CNT14-01PT04SHKGD series main designation Shell No. 01,02,03 PT, threaded connection, the structure has a small size, light weight, high contact density, high reliability Advantages. Contact even with the wire connection for the crimp termination, contact even can be a single type of out or into the.Screw Connector

On both ends of a steel bar, there are sets of outer conical threaded connecting sleeves and inner tapered threaded connecting sleeves, respectively. The SMC connector is a threaded variant of the SMB connector and is a typical reverse polarity connector: the inner conductor in the connecting sleeve is the jack. Internal dimensions in the same SMB, with a small size, high reliability.Screw Connector

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