Introduction To The Types Of Coax Connector

- Jul 03, 2017-

     Coaxial cable (coaxial cable) refers to two concentric conductors, while conductors and shielding layers share the same axis. The most common coaxial cable consists of a copper conductor insulated from insulating material, another layer of annular conductor and its insulator outside the inner insulating material, and then the entire cable is covered by a PVC or Teflon material. The coaxial cable is designed to solve this problem. The radio emitted by the center wire is isolated by the reticular conductive layer, and the reticular conductive layer can control the emitted radio through grounding.Coax Connector
    There is also a problem with coaxial cable, that is, if a certain section of cable has a large extrusion or distortion, then the distance between the center wire and the reticular conductive layer is not consistent, which causes the internal radio waves to be reflected back to the signal sending source. This effect reduces the signal power that can be received. To overcome this problem, a layer of plastic insulation is added between the center wire and the reticular conductive layer to ensure that the distance between them is consistent. This also caused the cable to be relatively stiff and not easy to bend the characteristics. Coaxial cable According to its diameter can be divided into: coarse coaxial cable and fine coaxial cable. The coarse cable is suitable for the large local network, its standard distance is long, the reliability is high, because the installation does not need to cut off the cable, therefore may flexibly adjust the computer's network position according to the need, but the thick cable network must install the transceiver cable, the installation difficulty is big, therefore the overall cost is In contrast, the installation of fine cables is relatively simple, low cost, but because the installation process to cut off the cable, both ends must be fitted with the basic network connection Head (BNC), and then connected to the T-type connector at both ends, so when the joint is prone to bad hidden trouble, this is the current operation of the Ethernet is one of the most common failure.Coax Connector
    Whether it is a rough or fine cable is a bus topology, that is, a cable connected to multiple machines, this topology is suitable for a machine-intensive environment, but when a contact failure, the failure will cascade affect all the machines on the entire root cable. Fault diagnosis and repair are cumbersome, so it will gradually be replaced by unshielded twisted pair or cable. The diameter of the fine cable is 0.26 centimeters, maximum transmission distance of 185 meters, when used with 50 terminal resistors, T-type connectors, BNC connectors and network cards, wire prices and connector costs are relatively inexpensive, and do not need to buy hubs and other equipment, very suitable for the installation of more concentrated small Ethernet network. The total cable length should not exceed 185 meters, otherwise the signal will be severely attenuated. The impedance of the fine cable is 50.Coax Connector

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