Market For Mobile Phone Connector

- Jan 17, 2017-

Connector is one of the most important devices in the mobile phone, on average, per phone number of connectors you need up to 8. According to Coda Research report, 2010-2015, global smart phone shipments will reach 2.5 billion, compound annual growth rate of 24%. Analysys data show 2010 3G mobile phone sales in China reached 6.113 million units in the first quarter, up to 65.97% per cent. With the development of the mobile phone market continues to hold up well. Phone connector market will continue to go up.

· Mobile phone connector used by product category is divided into internal FPC connectors and Board to board connector I/O Connector for external connections, as well as the battery, SIM card connectors and Camera Socket

· Under the influence of 3G market demand for mobile phones and Smartphones, mobile phone connectors to the current development direction for: low height, low pitch, multi-functional, good electromagnetic compatibility, standardization and customization coexist

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