Military Electrical Connector

- Jul 11, 2017-

                The metal surface finishing industry is being hit by regulatory authorities for the use of hazardous materials in decorative or functional electroplating processes. These environmental protection laws are aimed at both trade and government-controlled public utilities. In addition, the Executive Decree No. 13,423th (Strengthening of the federal government's environment, energy and transport Governance) and Executive Decree No. 13,514th (The federal government's leadership in the environment, energy and economic operations) has recently come into force. These administrative decrees require government agencies to reduce the purchase and use of toxic and harmful chemicals and to limit their emissions.

                Cadmium and six-valent chromium are toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that are severely banned by the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition, the hexavalent compound of cadmium and chromium is one of three harmful materials used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to reduce the requirements of executive Order No. 13,423th. As a result of the toxic and carcinogenic nature of these materials and the many regulatory actions involved, the U.S. military tank automation research and Development Engineering Center (TARDEC) has been working to eliminate and reduce the use of hexavalent compounds of cadmium and chromium in terrestrial vehicles and related systems. The task of the National Energy and Environmental Protection Center (NDCEE), which is controlled by the Cooperative Technology Corporation (CTC), is to support the activities of the tank automation research and Development Engineering Center (TARDEC) in this area.Military Connector

                Specifically, the protective casing on the electrical connection equipment used in the military ground system is currently used in the cadmium plated layer and the chrome-plated conversion coating (CCCS) to provide additional corrosion protection. The regulatory section overstates the risk of environmental safety by finding replacements for the plating process currently in use.Military Connector

               However, the application of cadmium replacement is not an easy task. Because of the many properties of cadmium on all components, it has been used for many years in the protective coating technology of electrical equipment. The main characteristics of the shell of the electrical connection equipment of the cadmium coating include the following: Easy to process, easy to repair, conductive, electromagnetic compatibility (EMI)/Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) effectiveness; weathering resistance, especially corrosion resistance, electrical coupling, inhibition of algae growth, low cost, lubricity (meet the established torsion/tensile requirements), electric shock resistance, weldability, resistance to temperature change, anti-vibration.Military Connector

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