Renaissance Of Waterproof D-sub Connector

- Jul 11, 2017-

            The new design also adds a all-metal enclosure to enhance the structure and make the grounding more effective, providing the best shielding for the electromagnetic interference/RF interference (/) applications without using the connection area. A unique feature of the new design is the integrated locking attachment, which not only provides a low resistance grounding connection, but also makes the cable shell securely on the connector. The existing version has an implant nut (M3 or # UNC thread), a locking screw (M3 or # UNC), or a pass hole type. The locking attachment is also prevented from rotating through a square hole in the fastening process. The issue of screw nut rotation at the end of the cable has finally become history.Waterproof D-sub Connector

            The crimping area of the crimping connector is designed with a needle-eye compliant needle, which is balanced by the voltage-relay generated by the end-connection method in the circuit board electroplating through holes. The sturdy casing is designed to allow the flat block assembly tool to press the connector directly onto the circuit board without any complicated assembly tools. The crimping clamp is also integrated in the design as a circuit board for stress elimination and grounding access.

Although the connector has so many improvements, the circuit board layout remains unchanged. Because the interface size is exactly the same, the customer chooses the new D connector without changing the circuit board design, also can directly replace the traditional D connector. The circuit board layout of a new type of crimping D connector is also suitable for erni through-hole reflow and traditional wave soldering connectors.Waterproof D-sub Connector

            The newly designed D connector has a surface mount, a crimping type and a through hole reflux three kinds of terminals, the number of needles 9, 15, 25 and 37, each arranged in two rows. The existing standard height is 7.3 mm and European 3.6 mm high, and the American 6.3 mm high version will soon be available. The vertical type has a height of 6.3 mm and 9 mm two assemblies. The docking area of the terminals is plated according to IEC 807-3/DIN 41652 standard, and the terminal area is tinned. The integrated metal front plate meets the electromagnetic interference requirements. The version of the vertical surface affixed with the suction hood is used to pick up the connector and to fit the automatic assembly of the tape or pallet packaging.Waterproof D-sub Connector

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