Seamless Connection Of Screw Connector

- Sep 14, 2017-

      Bolt connection: Ordinary bolt connection--not too thick to be joined, screw with a nail head, through the hole without thread, screw through through the hole with the nut with the use. After the assembly hole and the gap between the rods, and in the work is not allowed to disappear, the structure is simple, easy to fold, can be multiple loading and tear, application wider.Screw Connector

     Precision Bolt Connection-no clearance after assembly, the main bearing transverse load, can also be used for positioning, the use of the base hole system with reaming hole Bolt connection (H7/M6, h7/n6), two-head bolt joint-screw at both ends of the screws, but all have threads, at the end of the assembly into the connected pieces, The other end is equipped with a nut. It is suitable for frequent disassembly while one of the joints is thicker. When folded, only the nuts are removed, and the two-headed bolts are not screwed out from the joined parts.Screw Connector

     Screw joint--suitable for the connection part thicker (with threaded hole), does not need to dismantle frequently, one end has the screw head, does not need the nut, is suitable for the load small situation (manual without hex head screws, l0=l can) fasten the screw connection--after screwing, The relative position of the fixed part is used to withstand the other 10 surfaces or to the corresponding notch in the part by using the end of the rod. Can transmit little axial force or torque. Special Connection: Anchor Bolt joint;Screw Connector

     Anti-loose purpose: In the actual work, the external load has the vibration, has the change, the material high temperature needs to change and so on will cause the friction to reduce, the thread pair pressure in a certain moment disappears, the friction force is zero, thus causes the thread connection to loosen, if after repeated action, the thread connection will loosen and the expiration. Therefore, must be loose, otherwise it will affect the Cause an accident. Screw Connector

    Anti-loosening principle--the generalization of a sentence, that is, to eliminate (or limit) the relative movement between the thread pairs, or to increase the difficulty of relative motion.Screw Connector

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