Several Factors That Affect The Price Of Chinese Circular Push-pull Self-locking Connector

- Sep 08, 2017-

The circular push-pull self-locking connector on market merchants more and more, while each merchants have high low price, the quality is good and bad, make the customer can not be quickly choose a best supplier, but the price is one of the most factors of customer care.

So what causes the difference in prices?

The following mocolian electronics will summarize several factors that affect the price of the connector according to their years of experience.


1. Material of connector

Even electronic circular McCraw push-pull self-locking connector parts inside adopt the brass nickel plated, shell using brass plating chromium/chromium black pearl/nickel, insulator is generally use PPS (definitely not use any material floolwing).

Choose different coating, price is different.


2. The plating thickness of push-pull self-locking connector

Each push-pull self-locking connector terminals in order to prolong life and use of time will choose gold-plated, gold-plated is not only can prevent the corrosion and improve the electrical conductivity, can waterproof, largely in different plating thickness, connector manufacturers offer will also be different, 1 u "(ma) gold is the cheapest plating layer, the thicker the gold-plated, the higher the cost.

Mocolian electronic push-pull self-locking connector needle core is plated with a thick gold of 8u, with guaranteed quality.


3. The precision of push-pull self-locking connector

Different use of thimble, different assembly methods will affect the price of the connector.

Such as the B series of connector's smallest McCraw 00 series connectors than general 0 B series of the same some prices are higher, this is because the basic or manual push-pull self-locking connector assembly assembly, for small volume compared to the round of push-pull self-locking connector assembly difficulty bigger volume is bigger, small, round push-pull self-locking connector artificial unable to faster operation, so the price will be higher.

Also, for example, the more complex the key position of the connector positioning pin in the B series, the price of the connector will also be higher.


4. Make the advanced degree of the circular push-pull self-locking connector device

Like many circular push-pull self-locking connection is used automatic lathe processing price is relatively cheaper than go with all processing for a lot, because the production of automatic lathe process requirements are not so high relative to go all.


Number of connectors required

Customer asking in circular push-pull self-locking connector factory price, the manufacturer usually according to quantity, specification and warehouse stock situation will estimate a price and delivery time, product demand quantity is little, will also increase the appropriate fee.

The general manufacturer will comply with the principle of high quality.

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