Solution Of Waterproof D-sub Connector

- Oct 30, 2017-

How far can an ordinary D connector evolve? Over the past more than 30 years, D connectors have been almost unchanged, and now a revolution is on the rise! This article will detail how ERNI can improve the performance of traditional d connectors with a new design concept and the originality of these new D connectors.Waterproof D-sub Connector

The input/output application does not lack a new interconnect solution, which has been introduced over the years with USB, FireWire (Firewire), modular sockets, InfiniBand, High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and many other solutions. The D connector is one of the earliest solutions, and is the most versatile and widely used input/output connector system. The shell of the rectangle is coupled with a D-shaped polar docking surface, the concept of which was developed more than 40 years ago from military connectors, and is then widely used in a range of commercial and military serial communications, telecommunications and local area networks (d).Waterproof D-sub Connector

As the main standard for D connectors, Mil-c 24308 defines the size, structure, material, and performance of the connectors to ensure 100% of each other's docking reliability. This standard also designates D as a rectangular connector with a frequency below 3 MHz, a circular terminal with a trapezoidal structure and a diameter of 1 mm, and a crimping/milling, welding, or Crimping method at the end.Waterproof D-sub Connector

The traditional design of a corner connector is to form a terminal by bending at least two times during the stamping process, as shown in the connector. This design poses a great challenge for controlling the coplanar nature of each terminal pin of the connector. It is well known that different batches of copper alloy strip have different elastic response characteristics. If the two-row terminals are molded out from two different punches, it is very difficult to ensure that all the terminal pins have a small coplanar error.Waterproof D-sub Connector 

This kind of bending method also causes the terminal strength not enough, slightly handles improperly will deform. Even if the Coplanar property can be controlled during the manufacturing process, the careless operation of the connector will still result in a coplanar deviation exceeding the specification. The coplanar nature of the connectors may be irrelevant in the operation, but it is one of the most critical requirements in circuit board assembly.Waterproof D-sub Connector

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