Spring Pin Connector

- Aug 28, 2017-

              Application of threaded connectors: SMA threaded connectors are widely used in aviation, radar, microwave communication, digital communications and other military people whose impedance is 50ω, with soft cable frequencies less than the number of. 4GHz, semi-rigid cable up to the highest. 5GHz. A connection part for testing, inflating, plugging, calibrating, emptying, etc. Use your fingers tightly to screw the MIT connector into the threaded test until the sealing surface contact thread electrical connectors are widely used in electronics, instrumentation, video processing, medical equipment and so on.Spring Pin Connector

              The features of the product are: Connection reliable thread connection miniaturization-compact structure CNT14 cnt14-01 PT $number SH K GD series main name code shell number 01, 02, $number PT, threaded connection, the structure has small size, light weight, contact even density high, the reliability of high. The contact with the wire is connected with the crimping end, and the contact pair can be removed or fed individually.

              Features: On both ends of a steel bar, the outer cone threaded connection sleeve and the inner cone threaded connection sleeve are respectively set. The SMC connector is a threaded variant of the SMB connector, and is a typical reverse polarity connector: The inner conductor in the connecting screw is a jack. Internal size in the same SMB, with small size, high reliability characteristics.Spring Pin Connector

              The use environment of threaded connectors: the texture of the structure, small size, bandwidth, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, L9 use conditions ambient temperature: -40℃~ 85 ℃ Relative Humidity: 40 ℃, 90[%]-95[%] atmospheric pressure: 30kpa connection only a small rub operation torque can complete the locking and unlocking, so compared with the card mouth and thread connection, it occupies the operation .... Use ambient temperature. Q, A, F, G Series: -55~+125℃b, H Series: -55~+100℃, new micro-explosion-proof threaded connectors. Amphenol Industrial operations, leading the world in explosion-proof and hazardous environments.Spring Pin Connector

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