Squib Rectangular AK-2 Cable Assembly

- Aug 28, 2017-

              In the past more than 20 years, airbag and seat belt pretension Design has become more complex. In the process of vehicle assembling, these constraint systems are difficult to reach, so it is necessary to prevent the squib connector from malfunction. The Squib AK-2 interface ensures a full tilt-free connection, reducing the risk of pin bending due to improper airbag connections and the corresponding replacement cost. The new generation Squib AK-2 connector can realize the pole-pulling force in one step, and can satisfy the stricter design restriction conditions by improving the assembly condition.Cable Assembly

              As a result, squib AK-2 with its high-quality quality, not only for people to bring convenience, but also in the improvement of assembly conditions, meet a lot of strict design conditions to achieve their own unique requirements.Cable Assembly

               According to the industry, welding cable Connection can improve electrical performance, at the same time in the automotive service life cycle of harsh temperature and vibration conditions, can still maintain a stable low contact resistance, to ensure the safety of the driving process. He also mentioned that Molex's Spuib AK-2 interconnection system was able to provide a wide variety of wiring configurations to ensure compatibility with 2 interface codes 1, 2 and 3, as defined by the global industry standards for Iso-ts 19072-4 and Uscar 999-u-002-1-z03 (REVAOO), to ensure that staff were easy and smooth during the installation process.Cable Assembly

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