The Characteristics Of The Spring Pin Connector Are Related

- Jun 20, 2017-

   Spring needle, also known as PogoPin, spring thimble, thimble, rechargeable needle, with high life, high current, low impedance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in semiconductor equipment, from the connection. In the use of some customers will encounter spring needle compression is not smooth, card pin and other undesirable phenomena, in the end is why? Share with you some reasons, for reference only: card PIN is serious bad, preload is not smooth, the needle can not be normal Of the work, the cause is the need to do according to the actual bad product analysis, probably as follows 1. Needle and needle structure design problem 2. Surface plating process 3. Assembly process, accidentally hit the nozzle, resulting in card pin4. Roughness 5. Working stroke, the amount of compression is generally 2/3 of the total stroke, pressed too little, the positive force is not enough, will lead to unstable impedance; pressure into too much, will pipe mouth injury, resulting in card Pin The Spring Pin Connector

    The connector industry pogo pin is a special connector product. The basic structure of the Pogo Pin consists of a turning needle, a turning needle and a compression spring. The needle is curled at the mouth of the needle tube, the needle is held in the needle tube, and the contact force is provided by the spring to establish an electrical connection between the needle and the abutment part. This reliable connection technology has been widely used: 1: wearing equipment, intelligent Spring Pin Connectorpositioning devices, children's smart bracelet, smart watches, wearable mobile phones, Bluetooth headset, data lines, charging lines, Device 2: medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communications equipment, telecommunications equipment, automation and industrial equipment 3: aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics 4: automotive, car navigation, testing and measurement equipment 5: consumer electronics (printers, Mobile phones, computers, cameras, audio and video equipment, PDA, Bluetooth headset, etc.) At present, with the market development and product upgrades, more and more consumers are not only limited to the versatility of the product, the same pursuit of their stylish appearance And small and thin shape. But to create and design such products, for all electronic engineers is a huge challenge, the engineers in the original product on a new breakthrough, is bound to make a lot of effort.Spring Pin Connector

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