The Concrete Introduction Of Spring Pin Connector

- Aug 14, 2017-

      Spring needle also known as Pogopin, Spring thimble, thimble, rechargeable needle, etc., with high life, large current, low impedance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in semiconductor equipment, play a role in the connection. In the use of some customers will encounter the spring pin compression is not smooth, card pin, such as bad phenomenon, card pin is seriously bad, preload is not smooth, the needle can not work properly. Everyone knows that today's domestic science and technology is growing at a high speed, and technology companies are also a large number of production of intelligent equipment, more importantly, they also focus on the volume of equipment to streamline, that is, more miniaturization. At the same time, their volume miniaturization requirements for spring-pin connectors are becoming more and more high, thus better satisfying the needs of users and their consumer experience.Spring Pin Connector
     The selection of design and materials is the key to successfully reduce the size of the spring pin connector. So there is no doubt that the key factor that affects the size of the spring pin connector is the choice of design and materials. The core of its design is the elastic pin. In order to form high contact strength, low contact resistance and maintain performance in thousands of jacks, beryllium copper materials with special tensile and annealing properties must be used. At the same time, the thickness and length of beryllium copper and the main specifications of shape can ensure the long life and durability of the pin for the micro-small connector of the spring needle. Durability depends on good installation design. Force and acceleration are the key factors to test the strength of the spring-pin connectors in harsh applications. Because of the reasonable mounting bracket, the micro-spring pin connector can be more than 10000Gs vibration and shock.Spring Pin Connector
     The factors that affect the size of the spring pin connector are, in general, now the spring pin connectors are of great importance to people, and the spring pin connectors have a very wide field, and more importantly, small-volume spring-pin connectors are more helpful for people to carry. When we receive the spring pin connector, we should carefully observe the outer packing to see if there is any obvious breakage, also to see if there will be a spring connector itself damage and so on, be sure to see the connector is intact, so that we do not affect the use of the spring pin connector, and then effectively improve the use of the spring needle connector efficiency.Spring Pin Connector
     Need to move the spring pin connector, do not panic, to be cautious, to avoid the connector touch the hard object, causing damage to the connector, but also can not put under the weight, so as not to pressure the spring pin connector. Keep in mind that the spring pin connector is not placed in the environment of high temperature and chemical medicine. And only in this way can we guarantee the efficient work of the spring pin connector. Of course, we must go to the regular and professional spring needle manufacturers to buy high-quality Spring pin connectors.Spring Pin Connector

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