The Connection Of The Screw Connector And The Detail Member

- Oct 19, 2017-

General bolt and nut are used ordinary thread, because under static load, the thread angle is less than the equivalent of the screw friction angle. So the bolts and nuts thread to meet the self-locking conditions, coupled with tightening the nut (or bolt) and the connector or washer support surface friction between, so if not the support surface depression is too deep, under static load Make sure the connection is not loose.Screw Connector

When the nut starts to loose, it is necessary to overcome the hammer of the thread and the torque of the nut support surface. Under the action of the bolt preload force Qp, the torque T ', which prevents the nut from loosening the total, is equal to the torque of the nut, T' is approximately equal to 80% of the tightening torque T. It can be considered that the bolts connected with the torque T are not loosened as long as the loose torque acting on the nut or bolt head is not more than 0.8T. However, under the action of load, vibration and shock, the friction coefficient of the thread is drastically decreased, and the frictional resistance of the thread pair and the nut support surface will disappear instantaneously. Threaded pair can not meet the self-locking conditions and a slight sliding, resulting in nut rotation, so many times will lead to repeated screw connection loose.Screw Connector

(Such as the side of the thread, the support surface, the connection with each other), due to roughness, ripple, shape error, etc., in the tightening when the local shaping deformation, and in the use of external force Cumulative effect, some deformation will continue to develop, which will lead to loose connections. For a particular bolt connection, its loosening may be caused by a variety of factors, and thus involves several loosening principles, which have the main times. So loose loose connection should be taken for various factors to take measures, and its fundamental is to prevent the direction of looseness the relative movement of the looseness.Screw Connector

The general situation to increase the preload is conducive to anti-loose. Another way to overcome the above two loosening due to plastic deformation is to use a large washer to reduce the pressure and to fill the nut after a certain period of time to make it loose.Screw Connector

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