The Connection Structure Of The Cable Assembly

- Oct 19, 2017-

As the solar photovoltaic power generation system power generation efficiency is not very high, in practice, there will be a lot of power loss in the transmission line, can not make solar photovoltaic power generation to maximize the use of, so the rational choice of DC transmission cable Improve the utilization rate of solar photovoltaic power generation, reduce line loss is essential.Cable Assembly

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system in the low-voltage DC transmission part of the cable, because the use of environmental and technical requirements of the different parts of the connection has different requirements, the overall factors to consider the cable conductivity, insulation properties, heat resistance Combustion performance, anti-aging / anti-radiation properties and wire diameter specifications (cross-sectional area) and line loss. At the same time in the system design and installation process, should also optimize the design, the use of reasonable circuit distribution structure, so that the cable to the shortest and straight, to minimize the line loss voltage, to achieve the maximum utilization of photovoltaic power generation, the specific requirements are as follows.Cable Assembly The connection cable between the component and the component, which is connected directly to the connection cable supplied with the component terminal box, can also be used with a dedicated extension cable when the length is not enough. According to the size of the different components of the power, the connection cable cross-sectional area of 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2, 6.0mm 23 kinds of specifications. This type of connecting cable uses double insulation sheath, with excellent anti-ultraviolet, water, ozone, acid, salt erosion ability, excellent all-weather ability and wear resistance.Cable Assembly

The choice of DC transmission cable should consider both economy and safety. Cable cross-sectional area is too large, the line loss is too small, but will increase the line investment; cable cross-sectional area is too small, the line loss is too large, can not meet the power supply needs, and safety factor is also small. In the solar photovoltaic power generation system DC cable selection, the best way is to follow the cable's economic current density to select the cable cross-sectional area.Cable Assembly

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