The Importance Of Copper Pin

- Aug 14, 2017-

     Copper is the earliest metal used by mankind. Early in prehistoric times, people began to dig open copper mines and make weapons, instruments and other utensils from copper, and the use of copper had a profound effect on the progress of early human civilization. Copper is a metal that exists in the Earth's crust and oceans. Copper content in the crust is about 0.01%, in individual copper deposits, the content of copper can reach $number. Most of the copper in nature exists as a compound, or copper. Copper ores are polymerized into copper ore by copper and other minerals, which have been mined to become copper concentrates with high copper grade.Copper Pin
     Copper needles, medical tools, wuming Ma Tau Xiang Yuan long PO Spring and Autumn Period tomb group unearthed a pieces. Needle length 2. 7 cm, split, body two parts, needle body flat thin, rectangular, length 2. 2 cm, Wide o. 6 cm, thick 0. 1 cm. At one end of the needle is only 0 long. The tip of 5 points, the root of the needle is slightly coarse, cone-shaped, very sharp-edged, with local characteristics. At present, not found this form of cultural relics in the provinces, may be the ancestors of Guangxi Zhuang Foundry.Copper Pin
    With the development of electronic devices to higher transmission speeds and miniaturization, Spring pin connectors Follow this trend, therefore, the chip spring PIN connectors, fiber optic spring pin connectors, IEEE1394 and USB2.0 High speed connectors, cable broadband connectors and micro-spacing connectors, etc. suitable for a variety of portable/wireless electronic equipment, spring pin connector products are expected to become the future star products.
    Mobile products led by mobile phones are currently being miniaturized, thin and high performance direction of development, display components and substrate connection more complex, in this context, the substrate on the substrate spring pin connector, FPC spring pin connector narrow spacing, low back, multipolar demand more urgent, in particular, the very thin cell phone demand for the internal spring pin connector in the ultra low back of the request more urgent. In order to realize product's low back, narrow spacing, miniaturization, multi-polarization and high reliability, various manufacturers have used simulation technology in-depth research and development.Copper Pin
    For mobile phones, digital cameras and other small applications, two new series of SMD-angled FPC spring pin connectors are introduced. According to the introduction, the 501461 series of 0.50mm Pitch FPC Connector provides a height of only 0.80mm and depth 3.20mm profile, allegedly the shortest and smallest spring pin connectors in all similar models on the market today. The bottom contact Connector has 4 to 8 circuit specifications, with a rated current and a voltage of 0.3A and 50V, can be used for 0.12mm thick FPC cable. On the other hand, Bluetooth technology can not completely replace the wired connection, and with the diversification of electronic products and multi-functional development, a lot of electronic products will have both wired and wireless connection interface, so not only to reduce the amount of connectors, but increased the spring pin connector varieties, and promote the development of the spring pin connector industry.Copper Pin

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