The Market Development And Direction Of Spring Pin Connector

- Jul 03, 2017-

     As a variety of digital electronic products indispensable to the basic components of the connector, in the circuit played a role in communication and bridge, through the rapid, stable, low loss, high fidelity transmission, to ensure the full function of the equipment to play the normal. In recent years, benefiting from downstream data communication, computer and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive batteries and other industries continue to develop, the global connector market demand continues to grow, the overall market size is expanding. Especially in recent years, the rise of the smartphone industry has led to the development of Pogopin Spring thimble Connector.Spring Pin Connector
     Connector market in the world is mainly distributed in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan and China) Five regions, these five regions accounted for more than 90% of the global connector market share of 3. In recent years, as a result of global economic fluctuations, the market for North American, European and Japanese connectors has slowed and even declined, and emerging markets, represented by China and the Asia-Pacific region, have shown strong growth as the main driving force behind the growth of the global connector market. As the size of mobile phones become more and more powerful, grounding, battery connection, signal transmission becomes the key. Pulinco offers various types of connectivity solutions, including spring clips, pickup pads and spring pins. Our battery connector products include a shrapnel type, a floating battery interconnect system (FBIS) and a spring thimble (Pogopin). Pulinco has a variety of options to meet the changing needs of smartphones.Spring Pin Connector
     As the size of digital products becomes smaller, the accuracy and space requirements of connectors are also increasing, thus prompting the market share of Pogopin connectors to continue to grow; These years have been gushing out the new POGO pin connector manufacturers, the domestic POGO pin connector market competition can be said to be very tragic. With the personalization of digital products, pogo pin connectors to meet customer needs, but also must follow the footsteps of the market, today we will simply explore how to choose their own products for the Pogo pin connector manufacturers.Spring Pin Connector

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