The Shortcomings Of Traditional Waterproof D-sub Connector

- Aug 01, 2017-

               Input/output applications do not lack a new interconnect solution, which has been introduced over the years with USB, FireWire (FireWire), modular sockets, InfiniBand, High Visibility Multimedia Interface (HDMI), and many other solutions. The D connector is one of the earliest solutions and is the most versatile and widely used input/output connector system. The shell of the rectangle is coupled with a D-shaped polar interface, the concept of D connectors developed more than 40 years ago from military connectors, and is then widely used in a variety of areas such as trade and military serial communications, telecommunications and local area networks.Waterproof D-sub Connector

                To do an input/output connector is not easy, as one of the front-line components, in the operation not only lack of adequate protection will be a lot of misuse. Therefore, a key requirement of the input/output connector is that it can withstand a great plug, and there is a strong terminal can withstand the assembly to the circuit board before and after the misuse. For surface mount/output connectors, this is not easy to do, as far as the curved surface of the connector is even more difficult.Waterproof D-sub Connector

                The traditional design of a corner connector is to form a terminal by bending at least two times during the stamping process, as shown in Fig. 1. This design poses a great challenge for controlling the coplanar nature of each terminal pin of the connector. This kind of bending method also causes the terminal strength not enough, slightly handles improperly will deform. It is unrealistic to have the connector's surface sticking pins all in the same complete plane, but the height difference of all pins should be controlled within ± 0.05 mm. If the pin is very high can not touch the printed on the circuit board solder paste, there is no welding to form open.Waterproof D-sub Connector

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