Waterproof D-sub Connector Solution

- Oct 11, 2017-

Input / output applications are not a lack of new interconnect solutions, these years have introduced USB, FireWire (Firewire), module socket, InfiniBand, high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and other solutions. D-Sub connector is one of the earliest solutions, but also the most widely used and the most widely used an input / output connector system. The rectangular housing incorporates a D-shaped polar connector, the D-Sub connector concept developed from military connectors more than 40 years ago, and is then used extensively in commercial and military serial communications, telecommunications and LAN and other fields.Waterproof D-sub Connector

Making an input / output connector is not easy, as one of the components of the front line, in the operation not only the lack of adequate protection will be a lot of misuse. So a key requirement for the input / output connector is that it can withstand great plug-in and a very rugged terminal can withstand mis-operation before and after mounting to the circuit board. For surface mount input / output connectors, this is not easy to do, as the corner of the surface of the connector is even more difficult.Waterproof D-sub Connector

If the two rows of terminals are pressed out of two different dies, it is very laborious to ensure that all terminals have poor coplanarity errors. This bending method also caused the strength of the terminal is not enough, a little handle will be deformed improperly. Even in the manufacturing process can control the coplanarity, the careless operation of the connector will still cause the coplanarity deviation beyond the specification.Waterproof D-sub Connector

The first focus of the redesign is to change the design of conventional right angle terminals to solve coplanarity problems. Implementation method is from the flat copper alloy strip stamping out the corner of the terminal, as shown. This produces unmatched terminal strength, and can easily achieve very small errors. Thus, the coplanarity depends entirely on the relatively easy to control the size of the housing.Waterproof D-sub Connector

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